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Andrology Bulletin - : 25 (3)
Volume: 25  Issue: 3 - 2023

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6.What should be the treatment in cases with glanular type megameatus intact foreskin?
Kenan Yalçın
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.48295  Pages 141 - 145

7.Evaluation of systemic immune inflammation index and hematological inflammatory parameters in patients with varicocele: a controlled study
Şaban Oğuz Demirdöğen, Ahmet Emre Cinislioğlu, Tugay Aksakallı, Mehmet Sefa Altay, Adem Utlu, İbrahim Karabulut, İsa Özbey
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.34603  Pages 146 - 153

8.Frequency of Y-chromosome microdeletion in primary infertile men
Özgür Balasar, Savaş Barış
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.79058  Pages 154 - 158

9.Male military personnel’s knowledge levels about human papillomavirus, screening test, and vaccine
Fatih Okan, Sümeyye Kavici, Işıl Miray Dincel, Kübra Topcu, Sümeyya Üstün, Merve Akkoç
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.18942  Pages 159 - 166

10.Sexual function and coital incontinence status after duloxetine treatment in patients with stress urinary incontinence
Bahadır Ermeç, Mehmet Gökhan Çulha
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.87259  Pages 167 - 170

11.Genital anomaly rates detected in circumcision examination: A single center study
Kenan Yalçın
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.02439  Pages 171 - 173

12.Monocyte-to-high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol ratio as a predictor and severity indicator of erectile dysfunction
İbrahim Üntan, Ahmet Emin Doğan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.64935  Pages 174 - 180

13.Pathophysiology of BPH
Ender Cem Bulut, Ali Atan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.91328  Pages 181 - 189

14.The role of ESWT in erectile dysfunction treatment
Kasım Emre Ergün, Fuat Kızılay
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.77785  Pages 190 - 193

15.Peyronie’s disease: Non-surgical treatment options
Arif Kol, Erhan Ateş
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.40222  Pages 194 - 202

16.Varicocele Pathophysiology 2023
İrem Orhan, İrfan Orhan, Ahmet Karakeçi
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.38268  Pages 203 - 207

17.Effect of alpha blockers on ejaculation: Literature review update
Enis Mert Yorulmaz, Kürşad Dönmez, Osman Köse, Serkan Özcan, Sacit Nuri Görgel, Yigit Akın
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.91489  Pages 208 - 211

18.Reversible azoospermia due to long-term use of proton pump inhibitor esomeprazole: A case report
Ali Nebioğlu, Selahittin Çayan, Murat Bozlu, Erdem Akbay
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2023.09475  Pages 212 - 215

19.Publications and Congress Calendar of Andrology

Pages 216 - 220
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